Some of you asked for training ideas to help keep you
at it over the summer.
So here goes - I'll mail out stuff that we've already
done in class.


1: do 10 regular squats/knee bends at a comfortable
pace - to loosen up the big muscles and get the body

2: do 10 kwa squats with the knees fixed in position
(slightly bent, over the arches of your feet) and
squat down, allowing your back to tilt forward from
the waist/hips

3: do 10 slow kwa squats - knees fixed as before but
do not allow the spine to tilt forward. you may only
be able to drop a little bit, but that is fine. don't
cheat - just work the section of kwa that you've got
open and gradually this will expand in range of

4: do 10 'internal' kwa squats - stand with knees bent
and squeeze/release your hip sockets. no squatting
down or spine tilting here. don't do this one with too
much tension or effort.

5: repeat 1 to 4 if you wish or are able, to work the
kwa at a deeper level.

6: when doing form, hold the postures and just
open/close the hips to incorporate the above into your

7: now just do a round or 2 of form, not holding
postures, but continually moving, to see what comes
out. this final stage is important as it combines back
what you have previously separated.

You are trying to take out the 'bouncing' action that
comes from flexing the knees only.