After a 3 weeks Christmas break, the Triathlon club met again this morning for the swim training.
I woke up at 6.30 and 15 minutes later I was already on my way to the swimming pool.
We started at 7 o'clock with a 400m warmup, both freestyle and backstrocke. For the main course, we had a 800m (16 laps) freestyle swim. The coach wants us to get use to swim long distances in order to prepare us for the 1500m competition distances. I was impressed by a teammate of mine, the pace she kept all the whole distance. I have never swom a such distance in a row and it was a real pain but I managed to bring it home in less than 18 minutes, 100m behind the the fastest teammate mentioned earlier. I remember achieving the first two laps at 32/34 strokes per length. We finished with a 5 x 100m @2:30, this one was easier I was able to get at least my 30 sec. rest.
Lap 1: 1:46.6
Lap 2: 1:49.3
Lap 3: 1:53.0
Lap 4: 1:51.8
Lap 5: 1:52.2
hmm... could be better.