Amkoullel: Tierno, I would like you—speaking from your own personal experience—to answer my question: What is God?
Tierno Bokar: . . . God! . . . God! . . . God is the embarrassment of the human mind.
Amkoullel: Excuse me, but I’m not any further. I asked you for a precise answer and you tell me God is the embarrassment of the human mind! This doesn’t help me out of my own embarrassment. Why is God the embarrassment of the human mind?
Tierno Bokar: I’m happy you’ve now made your question precise—it’s only through a well placed question that the master is able to answer.
God is the embarrassment of the human mind because, on the one hand, if you affirm his existence this does not help you to prove it, neither materially or scientifically. On the other hand, if you deny his existence, then you deny your own existence, which is merely an emanation of himself. But you exist. And if you can’t prove God materially, you must remember that the non-visibility, the non-palpability, and the non-sensibility of a thing aren’t in themselves absolute proof of its non-existence. God is the embarrassment of the human mind because all that you conceive in your thought and materialize in your words as being God cease for this very reason to be God and are no more than your own way of conceiving him. He is beyond definition.

Vie et Enseignement de Tierno Bokar, A.H. Ba